Disinfection worldwide!


Today our products are exported to over 85 countries around the world!

In France, this trade confronted us with a wide variety of problems in nearly all our sectors of interest.


Our global growth of over 100% in 5 years positions us as the recognized leader in professional disinfection and hygiene.

Our specialized teams, scientific resources, and production tools have enabled us to boast a real know-how and a thorough expertise underpinned by a real company spirit. A true strength, this Anios spirit conveyed today by the best professional distributors we have selected enables us to take on even bigger challenges.

  • 2005 : Buyout of Laboratories FARMEC in Verone (Italy)
  • 2008 : Opening of Anios America in Buenos Aires (Argentina) with a new production site
  • 2008 : Creation of Anios Asie in Hong Kong (China)
  • 2009 : Creation of Anios Turquey in Ankara
  • 2015 : Acquisition of Deren (Turquey) and Endoclear (Brazil)

Today, fighting microbes leads us to new developments throughout the world!